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Discovering New Worlds or Suffering in the Old?

I hope you’re deciding to make being more aware, more mindful, your primary position more and more, because we will each need to be as present as possible to remain grounded now.  The challenges we are now experiencing globally will not be turned around any time soon.  How will we each deal daily with the increasing challenges of war, climate catastrophes, social injustice, and rulers who are deaf to the needs and demands of the people who put them there to being with?… Read more

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Sometimes you can smell peanut butter a mile away, even in the suburbs.

There is a new, heart-centered consciousness emerging on this planet, though you’d never know it to listen to just about any news outlet these days.  It’s the great hidden story of the millennium.

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The Big Picture
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The human race has now explored the mysteries of reality as far as we can through the distorted lens of the ego. Whole nations are stuck in the mud, exchanging blows over who’s right and what’s more important -- the power of money or the power of people. (read more)

My Story

My Story

What's the point of a spiritual practice if it doesn't change your life for the better – pronto? Because Transcendental Meditation had brought many positive changes since 1972, I thought that was all I had to do for my life to be transformed. Ha! Blaming others for my lack of fulfillment became more ingrained than ever. I needed to be right. (read more)

“Breaking through the barrier
Of reason, we stand face to
Face with our awakened self:
Highly intuitive,
Spontaneously creative, and
Plugged into purpose.
But that breakthrough only
Occurs if we trust our
Inner guidance.”

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The Relaxation Room