All About Guidance

“When you look for spiritual guidance,
you want someone who has the ability
to do what they say they can do, and do
it with integrity.  Diane has both.  

My first response to her guidance about
a relationship was, ‘Oh, that’s not me.’
It took me a while to see the truth in her
words because I was in denial.

She saw what I couldn’t — she saw the truth.”

– Dan Gale, Horticulturist, Energy Healer



Your inner voice wants to guide you
and lift you up above the chaos.

What Is “Your Ascended Self” Guidance?

Your Ascended Self Guidance is my name for the spiritual
guidance I’ve received by attuning to the quantum field since 1992.
Its power is in its gentle, nonjudgmental revelation
of the origins of our problems, no matter how
stubborn or deep, no matter what their origin.

Its purpose is to activate new hope by consistently showing us a higher vision of who we truly are, while highlighting a path out of pain into the experience of deeper meaning.

Insights alone won’t get us to a place of feeling gratitude for everything, and that’s the place our hearts yearn for.

We can’t think our way into emotional freedom.  

We cross each new life threshold by bringing more understanding, more forgiveness, to the places in us that are at odds with the wisdom of our true, intuitive self.  Seeing ourselves differently is basic to this psychological process of waking up.

Your Ascended Self guidance is my own first-hand experience of one path to higher awareness.  I am not a counselor or a therapist or a psychic, nor do I provide medical advice.

How Will It Benefit You?

What is your quest?  Is it to heal emotional pain, open to your life purpose, or find strategies to lift yourself up above the chaos of a world in conflict?

If you want to expose what’s really pulling your strings and plug into your personal power, you will find a potent ally in Your Ascended Self guidance.  Here are the main benefits you will receive (because guidance is a process, these will unfold naturally):

  • Deep Insight into your fears and anxieties, what role they play in your life, and how to start letting go of the power you may have given to them.
  • Information about and Support for your strengths, your gifts, and how to develop them.
  • A New Vision of Who You Are that is aligned with the greatness of your soul as opposed to the petty judgments of the ego’s inner critic.
  • A Higher View of the power struggles of your relationships so you can make the best possible choices for all involved.
  • Gentle Redirection when what you are trying to make real is not the best choice now, as seen from the higher perspective of your soul.
  • Present Moment Focus. The bottom line to spiritual growth is that we become uniquely, wildly who we are only if most of our energy is available in this moment.  My guidance will help you let go of past-centered regrets as well as anxieties that keep your mind warily scouting the unknown terrain ahead.
Spirit's point of power is the present.

Which self do you talk to in your mind? When you are alone, talk to your intuitive self and ask for it to show you the way.
Stay open to receive!

Spirit’s point of power is the present. Focusing elsewhere translates as a power loss.

  • A Lighted Path that leads straight into your life purpose as you honor your guidance and cultivate your inner knowing, no matter how illogical it may seem from the outside.
  • Activation of your “built-in bullshit detector,” to quote Ernest Hemingway.  A priceless tool in today’s world.

After you receive guidance, check in with your gut.  How does it feel?  It won’t always be what your mind wants to hear, but it should “twang” an inner chord.  If not, pass it by — or file it away and read it next year to see if it resonates.  Intuitive knowing often precedes understanding.  Looking back, I see that I was often given little previews of a more complete Diane who was waiting to emerge.

What Guidance Doesn’t Do


 I do provide guidance that is capable of turning your life around but I don’t make predictions. Gaining an edge on future events is a goal not supported by any worthwhile channeled guides or by me, for that matter.

Nor can Your Ascended Self guidance cause physical healing or replace therapeutic counseling if that is what is appropriate.

What it can do is clear the way for healing and growth to occur.  If what you want is to understand the energetic or emotional meaning of an illness, you may wish to seek the services of a medical intuitive.

Asking “Why”: 

It’s often tempting to ask, “Why did this happen to me?” or some variation on that theme.  It can be frustrating to realize that the “Why” questions cannot be answered, not because there is no answer, but because why things happen is part of the great mystery of life.

 The process of waking up to our true self requires that we put the “why’s” on hold; we step into our personal power by being willing to trust, or at least be open to the possibility, that there is a reason for everything, that the universe is benevolent, and that there is an inner blueprint for our life that continues to unfold from the level of Spirit, where everything that we need to become whole is known.

From that vantage point we begin to see that all events are neutral, in the sense that they only exist as opportunities for us to grow.

No matter how awful it may look or feel on the outside, there is love to be found in every situation.  Will we choose to seek it out, or stay stuck in the “why’s”?

Life Purpose: IMG_5444

Our life purpose will usually be revealed in the form of clues, insights, and questions to sit with.

Our purpose is revealed according to Spirit’s timetable,
as much as the mental mind wants to know
everything now

To drop it in our lap all at once would short-circuit the natural process of embracing our power gradually.

“It would be easier to roll up the entire sky into a small cloth than it would be to obtain true
happiness without knowing the Self.”

– Upanishads

How Do I Attune to the Quantum Field?

Receiving and sharing Soul Caper Guidance is part of my own life purpose.  Declaring this to the world was something else again!  That has required getting past my fears of disapproval, of being seen as “weird.”  But then, being a late bloomer has its advantages, too.  I receive spiritual guidance as though I were taking dictation, once I’ve aligned myself with Spirit and asked for advice.

There are many ways to attune to the field of all possibilities, as the quantum field is often called; in fact, it seems to me that everyone who channels guidance has a different experience.  Mine is a telepathic connection; I feel the words as much as hear them.


Trusting your inner truth is more important than understanding it.

I don’t go into a trance; I am not “taken over” by a spirit entity; I am totally conscious.

I don’t call myself “a channel.”  That would be redundant; we are all channels.  It’s our natural state.

We each experience bleed-throughs from the realm of Spirit all the time.

Channeling is to having a hunch what championship weightlifting is to pumping iron in your garage once in a while: Intent, focus, and practice make all the difference. Imagine for a minute that you have a wise and loving being — maybe a guardian angel — whispering in your ear all you need in order to be the best and highest vision of “you” that you can be. This being’s words make you feel more confident, hopeful, and less reliant on the opinions of others.

They shed new light on what you may label “shortcomings,” helping you to see that nothing is out of place in your life, when you choose to relax cultural expectations and self-condemnation. This is my experience of working with non-physical guides, including my own higher self.

It’s natural to wonder about whether channeled material originates outside of us or within. Here is what my guides had to say to me on this topic:

“There is nothing you will be channeling that does not originate in some way in your own soul. To think otherwise is illusion — one fostered by humans who are unable to see themselves as Divine Beings, and who therefore must attribute all channeled information to an intelligence outside themselves. There is no ‘out there.’ All is one.” 

Detecting Your Own Guidance 101
We are all guided all the time, whether we’re aware of it or not.

There is only one source of intuitive knowing — Spirit — but there are many portals through which we may perceive it.  Here are the main entryways:

  • Stars

    You are supported every step of the way. You are never alone on your journey. Trust is the key.

    Meditation.  When we get quiet and listen we enter a state of relaxed alertness where the ego feels safe enough to loosen its death grip. In this state guidance sometimes bubbles up to the conscious mind. (Although this can be a nice perk, it’s not the purpose of meditation, which is simply to connect with our ground of being. Meditating to achieve what we think we want, no matter how spiritual-sounding, is still of the ego)

    In 1987, during a meditation, I had a vision of a lovely pink rose opening its petals to reveal a sparkling diamond. I heard a voice say, “She did not find herself for a long time.”  That glimpse sustained me and put the tough times in context.  I understood that there is more to us than we know. If you’d like an experience of quieting the mind, turn to the Relaxation Room page.

  • Prayer.  I’m not religious, but I do pray and talk to Jesus daily; he is my main guide.  When I mentioned at a  Thanksgiving family gathering that no, I don’t go to church, but I do have a personal relationship with Jesus, a younger church-going family member blurted out indignantly, “Oh, Diane, that’s just a cop-out!”
In this culture we tend to link both praying and spirituality with attending church.

In my case, I had never given a thought to religion or spirituality, but when I began to open to my intuitive impulses I knew I had to acknowledge something greater than me, even if I didn’t yet know what that was.  Faith emerges from acting as if something is true without demanding proof upfront.  That comes afterwards, and what a game changer it is to have that faith rewarded!

I started to pray in my forties, during an especially chaotic time that had me on my knees anyway.  It put the pain in perspective, brought me peace, and sometimes guidance.  Variations on “Please help me to deal better with what’s happening,” “Help me keep my heart open no matter how much pain I’m feeling” and “I don’t know what to do” all open the door.

When we think we have all the answers, Spirit has nothing to work with.

image007For more on spirituality and religion, go to my FAQ Page.     

  •  Rogue ThoughtsThoughts that don’tfitare often guidance, so why do we typically file them in our mental outbox?  Because our cultural conditioning teaches us that free-wheeling thoughts belong in the same category as the Loch Ness monster.  I’ve learned to be a regular Nancy Drew, Girl Detective, tracking down Spirit’s clues in the form of these unofficial thoughts.  The more you practice, the closer you get to solving the poignant mystery of who is really looking out from behind your eyes.
  • DreamsMany books have been written on this powerful source of guidance.  A few years ago someone I respect as a spiritual teacher appeared in a dream and told me,
    You’re still too concerned about whether people will like you.”  I wrote that down where I can see it often.
  • Environmental CuesIntuitive guidance can be disguised as books that come our way, “chancemeetings with strangers, even technology snafus, like the sudden inability to connect with someone for hours.There is a whole world of synchronicity waiting to be discovered daily
Seeing everything and everyone in our world as a potential messenger of guidance opens us to receive it.    
  •  Our Energy FieldLife guidance in the form of emotions, thoughts, and energetic impressions of our physical reality flows constantly through our energy management system, the chakras.Example:  You feel bad about yourself and/or drained after spending time with a certain personyou know whoThe guidance?  “This relationship is toxic for you.” The soul sends many messengers, but only our intention to receive opens the door.
Intuitive wisdom permeates our being…  

We experience its power to heal us by trusting a little that this is so, and allowing for the possibility that there is more to us than meets the eye.

…Trust and allow.


When you accept yourself just as you are, that’s when you start to see the change you seek.

Which Self Will You Choose?

Each time we act on the guidance we receive we remove another barrier to living in alignment with our intuitive self.  It is that self which nurtures the unique gifts we may still see as peculiarities, flaws, or weaknesses.  As we begin to walk more in step with that inner wisdom, our life purpose gracefully unfolds. 

Whether we access higher guidance ourselves or seek the services of someone who channels it for us, the act of following the whole-brain logic of Spirit over the left-brain logic of ego is central to our ability to find fulfillment in life.  People-pleasing and controlling behaviors begin to fall away as we bring more awareness to them.

It’s not necessary to keep riding the emotional roller coaster operated by our inner critics as well as the outer ones that like us better when we play small. Be who you are in a big way!


To Follow Guidance — Or Not?

If guidance is so important, why do so many of us, upon receiving it say, “How fascinating!”  Then we continue to bumble along, out of step with our own natural rhythm.  Here are four challenges we face once we receive spiritual guidance:

  • To accept what we hear as missing data necessary to build the life we desire. Our initial response will at times be, “That’s NOT what I wanted to hear!”
Our life is seen quite differently from the vantage point of Spirit.
  •  To be willing to probe honestly but without blame when we notice we are choosing to not follow guidance that we really know is important.
  • To follow guidance even when we create compelling reasons not to, like: “I don’t have time” or “It won’t make any difference.”  The cunning of the ego self can’t be overestimated.  Its subjective reasoning can convince us to take the “practical“ route of doing what we‘ve always done.
  • To not freak out if the path that lights up for us takes us into some weird areas, like re-thinking the job or relationship or even town we’ve outgrown but have been afraid to leave.  Growth means change, so hold on to your hat!

The fearful ego jams our creative circuits by analyzing and dissecting our every spontaneous impulse.

That said, it’s never in our best interest to force change.  If you’re like me, you’ll just rebel against yourself.  The attitude that seems to work best is one of “I know I need to change ______.”

“Each time I find myself resisting this change, I know it’s the frightened voice of ego doing the resisting.”

It’s so important to reassure our inner worrier that we will keep it safe, because change feels like death to the ego.  After this comforting it’s good to restate our intention to change whatever it is, then let it go.                           

The ego is a player in the process of following guidance; ignoring its needs trips us up every time.  

I’ve always filed the guidance I receive, and re-read at least some of it every year or so.  Why is that?  Because guidance may describe our life in ways we can’t relate to yet.  At a certain point I find myself saying, “Oh, okay. Now it all makes perfect sense.”  Or my personal fave, “What the hell was I thinking?”

Spirit sees

Spirit exists outside the boundaries of linear time and space, where all our possibilities can be seen clearly.

Spirit sees us as we really are:  Whole.
Healed. Perfect.

We are each scheduled to flower and become our truest, most lovable selves.  The only question is — sooner, with less suffering?  Or later, having had a diminished experience of life?  It doesn’t have to be that way.

The “Spiritual Bypass” Trap

Over the years I’ve had brushes with light workers, from energy healers to other intuitive guides, whose self-image, shall we say, exceeded the level from which they offered their services.  Two examples from 1998:  A popular massage therapist, in the middle of our session, said, “You should be farther along in healing your Fibromyalgia.”  Another healer, a graduate of the highly regarded Barbara Brennan School of Healing, rolled his eyes as if to say, “Do ya think?” when I commented that I thought our session may have helped my pain.


“Spiritual Bypassing: Using spiritual beliefs and practices to sidestep personal, emotional ‘unfinished business,’ to shore up a shaky sense of self, or to belittle basic needs, feelings, and developmental tasks, all in the name of enlightenment.”–John Welwood, Toward a Psychology of Awakening

Beware “should’s” at all costs, whether spoken or implied.  They are poison to becoming whole.

It’s like the Seinfeld episode where George goes to a “holistic healer.”  That healer asks George, “What month were you born?”  George replies, “April.”  The healer says, “You should have been born in August.  Your parents would have  been well advised to wait.”  I’ve heard nuttier.          

If, as a spiritual guide (or psychic, energy healer,  etc.) I get all caught up in the High Anointed  Airyfairyness of Me (which I guess would make  me a HAAM), that attitude will create big hairy roadblocks to my own growth.  Just as important, clients may leave worse off than they came in, having been taken in by my ability to project the image of one who has transcended ego, or has special, “spiritual” knowledge.

I didn’t entirely escape this trap myself, but I’m happy to report that the patient has made a full recovery. Here’s my take on the proper orientation to intuitive work:  You receive higher guidance for yourself or a client, then you scrub the floors and take out the garbage.

The ways of Spirit need to be de-mythologized, not made more esoteric.  

Equally important, it’s not about me and my “special” or “chosen” status.  In my case, Spirit needed another vehicle for its guidance, and that happened to coincide with my interest and availability.

My credo?  Take nothing too seriously, especially myself.


INTERNET ALERT:  I got sucked into a gigantic cyber-trove of misinformation about channeling while creating this site.  If you prefer truth to truthiness (a tip of the hat to Stephen Colbert), may I suggest starting with a site like  This is Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer’s website.

Their books featuring the gentle teachings of their non-physical guides, Orin and Daben, helped me move past any doubts that the process of receiving guidance is an integral part of spiritual growth available to all.

See my Links page for these and additional resources.