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View of Lake Roosevelt, in Arizona, from the hillside path to the cliff dwellings of Tonto National Monument.

Back home after five replenishing weeks in the magnificent Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona!  My mind spends the first few days of every visit saying, “You can’t just sit here, you know, you should be doing things.”  But each time, I find that I do less.  Appreciate more.  This is my emerging true north:  Letting go of all the thinking, all the should’s, in favor of just being.

I thought this was an unplanned agenda.  Didn’t know consciously that I’d go in that direction.  But now, as I look at my journal, I see that this was a set-up from within.  In early February I had asked for guidance about how to boost my immune system.  Here’s an excerpt from the answer:

“Please let go of the need to be DOING at all times, even if DOING is only watching TV.  Why not lie down and close your eyes for ten or fifteen minutes a few times throughout the day?  You may find your immune system doing much better. 

“Let no one, not even a medical ‘expert’ tell you what you ‘need’ to be healthy and happy. 

“Find this out for yourself.  Your way is different from that of anyone else; allow yourself to explore that ‘way.'”

So I started letting go a bit of the “should’s” before the Arizona trip, apparently.  This is connected to my new understanding of my body and listening to its needs, something I really sucked at most of my life.  Always ignored the little voice telling me it needed to relax, or sleep, or take a walk, whatever.  I just didn’t honor the needs of my body, and I have paid for that.  Now I’m determined to open a new chapter.  On Feb. 17 I received this guidance:

“Now you are beginning to listen to the body’s needs and you are finding that comfort and increased relaxation are available to you more and more.  How you respond to the body and its needs from here on in will determine the amount of growth, in terms of healing, that you experience.  This is a natural shift for all evolving humans:  To start putting the needs of a body in metamorphosis (to a higher vibrational frequency) ahead of the needs of the ego to direct where your attention, your focus goes.”  

We are so dedicated to following our thoughts’ direction in every moment, as if the thinking mind held our wisdom! 

It takes real vigilance to turn our inner ear away from that lesser evolved voice and focus on the intuitive messages the body is always sending.  As Ken Carey tells us in The Starseed Transmissions, our thoughts aren’t meant to direct us, they are meant to be directed by life.

February 18’s journal entry tells more of the story.  I entered a quote from Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book The 52 Codes“I now lift my thoughts up into the vibratory field that holds the collective memory of my full potential.” 

I then wrote: “This is a power that I have now activated.  I need to use it constantly, especially now when I’m anxious and feeling right on the edge of getting sick.  I can do this.”

What does this all mean?  Simply put, that when I notice (and noticing is the highest hurdle) that I’m sliding into negative thinking, I focus on Hubbard’s suggestion.

How do you lift your thoughts up higher?  The breath is the bridge. 

In order to lift your vibratory frequency up into the quantum field where all is one, so solutions to any problem can be found, one easy, foolproof practice is to breathe light into the heart for about a minute.  That’s how long it takes, at most, to do this:

Sit quietly, close your eyes, and breathe light slowly and deeply (from the belly and diaphragm) into the heart.  Exhale just as slowly.  Do this three times, pausing just momentarily at the top and bottom of each breath.

I have found, over the past year and a half, since taking a 6-month online course with Ms. Hubbard where all of us practiced light breathing in small groups, that my life has been lifted up to a higher level.  Something I don’t say lightly!  Yes, there were attitudinal adjustments I made as a result of that learning intensive too, but the quantum breathing alone is enough to initiate a shift by anchoring or embodying the higher frequency of our  universal, whole self.

That wiser self begins to emerge, anxieties begin to calm, and inner conflicts start to subside.

I will say that you probably won’t see much difference, though, unless you practice this technique every time you need it during the day, as well as two or more regularly scheduled times, such as when you meditate or after you brush your teeth, whatever works for you.  For me this has meant practicing it at least 4 or 5 times a day; on a stressful day, that number can go up to 8 or 9.  It’s worth it, because it works immediately; I’ve gone from 60 to zero in a minute – freaking out over being told my mammogram was abnormal, for example.  I will force myself to sit – or stand, whatever is feasible – and focus entirely on the breath.

When the third light breath is finished, my body and mind are in harmony again, because I have, to paraphrase Ms. Hubbard, breathed the “protective balm of universal energy” into my nervous system.  Try it yourself, though, don’t take my word for it.  Also, if you can, find someone to breathe with once in a while; on a regular basis if possible.  I have benefited greatly from talking on the phone every other week (long distance) with a fellow student I met in that class.  We may bring a sense of discouragement or feeling out of sorts to the call, but after we breathe together, we soar; only love is present then, because in the quantum field fear is brought into unity with love.

I look back and see that I spent almost all of my life addicted to the thoughts of a fearful mind.

And that’s the norm! Society values thinkers; it doesn’t value daydreamers or meditators, people who live according to the flow of the moment – they are generally not citizens who put being “productive” first.  But we are the first ones emerging from the long spiritual dormancy of humankind.  We are the ones who are pioneering the way out of the ego-centric corridors of power and greed and into the grace of our essential being-ness as unified co-creators with God, whatever you interpret God to be.  Open hearts and pure intentions.  Being, breathing, emerging.



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