“Evolutionary Women” Group

Welcome to Evolutionary Women!  This will be a small group of Asheville women who are choosing to evolve; women who are ready to take the next step of sharing their inner journey in a higher vibrational, resonant field, a field co-created by a specific breathing practice.  It will be a relaxed, intimate setting conducive to our uniting with our highest, non-local Self, our Universal Self.  A group designed to activate the full creative potential of group members.  Ideally, there will be a few core members in this group on an ongoing basis, but you are welcome to sit in and decide if it feels right for you.

Ultimately, we will connect energetically with other similar groups now forming across the globe, facilitating the planetary birth whose birth pains we are all feeling on so many levels.  The details of this journey will emerge organically as we follow the guidance we receive, both within the group and on our own.  Ours is an exploratory mission; we are pioneers in consciousness!

I now see myself more as emerging than aging.

You may be scrolling through this now, thinking that it’s a lot to take in, and you’re right, but I’d rather give you a lot of information rather than risk leaving out something important to you.  You’ll know before you finish reading if this group is right for you, because you’ll feel strongly drawn to it — or not!  It’s certainly not for everyone.

The concept is a simple one:  Two or more people sitting together, practicing a specific breathing technique, then meditating on one or more of the evolutionary codes from Barbara Marx Hubbard’s booklet “The 52 Codes,” as well as any guidance group members have received between meetings, and allowing our higher mind to speak any insights or thoughts as they come to us.  As we continue to focus on our non-local, Universal Self, it comes into form.  How does this work? In communion with others, the light breath anchors the higher vibration of our Universal Self, our personal little acre of the quantum field.  You could call it the light body or the Christ Self, they are all one and the same.  We will communicate AS that highest Self.

I have been doing this, by long-distance, over the phone, for over two years now, with a woman named Pat, who lives in Delaware.  We met in a small group in early 2014, while participating in a 6-month online course presented by Barbara Marx Hubbard called “The Sacred Journey of The Conscious Evolutionary.”  We practiced the light breath technique in that class, and she urged us to continue to do so with at least one other person.

If you haven’t done this before, that’s fine.  It isn’t a prerequisite.  I can assure you that just as Pat and I do so joyfully now, we will all lift each other into the higher vibrational field where our full potential is available to us.  Both Pat and I attribute much inner change to these conversations in a field of grace.  I am still amazed every time at how much higher we can take our thoughts in that field, and how thoroughly any anxieties we brought with us fall away; we’ve solved the world’s problems, not to mention our own, in these talks!

Seriously, seen from this higher frequency vantage point, nothing is impossible, and miracles can and do happen. If you’d like to know more about this practice and how it fits into the big picture, go to my April 15 blog post “Being, Breathing, Emerging” on my Blog page.  About the time I  wrote that post, I was inspired to co-create this group.

The subject of our conversations, whatever they may be on any given night, will be secondary to the level at which they take place.  You may be familiar with these lines from the Rumi poem:  “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”  Our explorations in taking our thoughts higher will take place in that quantum field, or as Pat and I always say, “Ready to do some breathing?  I’ll meet you in the field!”  In these challenging times, creating a resonant field also serves a more basic purpose: Staying centered amid all the dissonance and insanity!  The breath is the bridge from ego to essence; it stabilizes the morphic field within us.

To quote the author and teacher A. H. Almaas, “If you are your essence, it matters not what people do or say about you, or what happens around you — you will be content.”

Although my role is as facilitator, we will all be co-creators.  I am looking for women who are evolving in a way that is in sync with what I describe here.  I see myself as crossing that bridge from ego to essence; I am now more aligned with essence in most areas, but then it didn’t happen overnight – I’m 67 years old, and my conscious journey began at 40.  Oh, I had been practicing Transcendental Meditation since I was 23 (still do), but I had a very stubborn ego that needed to be right, and to be in charge.  (You can read more about my life, if you want, on the “My Story” page of Soul Caper).

I have finally put the inner first, which has freed me to focus more and more on relaxing into and embodying my own quantum, Universal Self, but my understanding is still incomplete.  I can’t do this alone!  Nobody can. As Code 22 states, in part, “…You are guided to find one another.”  I left any spiritual arrogance on the junk heap with all my old, outdated attitudes and beliefs; supporting each others’ unique journey without judgment is the name of this game.

So let’s get started!  There is no fee involved with this group, except to buy the little “52 Codes” book, which I will order for you.  Also, there is no connection to this web site; Soul Caper merely offers you an introduction to where I’m coming from and a public platform for me to share this information.  Also, this is not a group that studies the work of any teacher.  At a certain point, it merely became clear to me that we would need both a common language and a framework, which Hubbard’s book provides so beautifully and simply.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not familiar with her or her work, only that you are drawn to a path that you could describe as “A Course in Miracles” in an evolutionary context, in that there is equal emphasis on attitudinal shifts and co-creative inspiration within the quantum field, listening for and following inner guidance.  The direction of the group will be guided not by us as individuals, but by the resonant field that we create through the breath work at the beginning of each meeting.

In fact, my deeper understanding is that this group is being co-created by that higher vibrational field that already knows where it wants to take us and will do so if we allow it to, by speaking through us – each of us – in ways that are designed to guide us.  After all, this group came to me, looking for a co-creator.  It’s not something from Diane’s ego, as it would have been years ago.

Before I give you my contact information, I will provide you with the stated purpose of the 52 Codes, followed by excerpts from a few of the codes that will help anyone who isn’t familiar with them to understand how they amount to a foundation upon which inner transformation can be built:

“The purpose of the 52 Codes is to awaken us to the guidance of our own Universal Self, the highest frequency of our being…an initiation into our own conscious self-evolution. Such codes are coming through with increasing clarity to many of us. They are examples of downloads from the highest frequency of our being that activate dormant potential within us. When we receive them, record them, meditate on and speak with the voice of our deeper self, they incarnate and activate dormant potential within us… especially with two or more resonant souls. Eventually you realize that these words are the essence of our Self, revealed.”

Code 1:  “Be compassionate with yourself. You are taking a monumental leap here and are evolving our species!  This is neither a self-help course nor an effort to be better at what you already do. This is self-induced conscious evolution toward a new human and a new humanity, for which there is no full model yet.  Through this process, you are modeling the Whole Being within your own imaginal realm and with two or more sharing this purpose with you.”

Code 18:  “Stay in the heart center and breathe in the light. This fixes the alchemical reaction into the new substance of the Universal Human – body, mind, and higher mind vibrating together in a new harmony, at a higher frequency.”

Code 22:  “By saying “Yes” to the inner impulse to create, you are guided to find one another. You join genius and, in that joining, you express more of your creativity. Newness emerges.”

Code 37:  “Co-create and guide your own transmutation by hearing from within, recording what you hear, and communicating this intuitive knowing to one or more others with whom you resonate.”

Code 40:  “Communicate directly as your full potential self to the full potential self of others.  This process stabilizes your awareness of the Whole Being as yourself. Self to Self communication is a high form of resonance. It anchors the consciousness of the Self in the two or more.”

Code 51: “There is pulsing within you the mysterious promise of becoming a Universal Human. This sense of promise…motivates you to undertake the sacred journey of conscious self-evolution.  Experience the irresistible potential rising within you for fuller expression. The promise has been offered and will be fulfilled by the Great Creating Process to all who say “Yes” to the potential within.”

Please call me if all this speaks strongly to you, at 828-280-3371.   If you have a question about something I haven’t answered here, my email address is diane@soulcaper.com.  If you call, you’re most likely to reach me during the afternoon; if I’m not available, just leave a message and let me know what days and times are best for you to talk.  I will get back to you within a couple of days unless you specify otherwise.

This group will meet at my home, near The Nature Center, in the Beverly Hills neighborhood.  As stated in The Mountain Xpress calendar, we’ll meet on alternating Tuesdays from 7 – 8:30 P.M., starting September 27.   I’m eager to hear from other evolutionary women in Asheville!









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