Is Guidance For Me?

You’ll benefit from intuitive (spiritual) guidance if you find yourself entertaining thoughts of this nature:

  • “I long for deeper meaning, but where do I start?”
  • “I want first-hand experience of the Sacred.”
  • “If peace of mind requires change, I‘m ready.”

My definition of intuitive guidance is inner direction or advice from the spiritual realm, where our knowing is not limited to the physical sense perceptions of the ego mind.  This guidance can come through many portals, such as dreams, the telepathic sensing of an inner message, words or lyrics that suddenly have new meaning, and many others.

Guidance gently shows us areas of the psyche that may not yet be in truth.

We can then begin to make different choices, starting small, noting that it is possible to change.  It’s a challenge at first; relationships, jobs may end if they block growth.

Intuitive guidance provides direction and support at every turn, until one day we notice that the anxious part of us has relaxed its grip.  Our most inspired self is freed to try out its wings.  We’ve made a permanent inner connection to our soul’s wisdom.

Through following guidance we come to understand that everything and everyone is in our life as an opportunity to become whole.

For the purposes of this website, I use the terms “intuitive,” “inner,” “spiritual,” and “higher” to describe both the Soul Caper guidance that I channel, and the guidance that anyone may receive on their own.  The term “inner voice” is also interchangeable.

For more on these topics, go to the ALL ABOUT GUIDANCE page.

What Is Spirit*?

Since I use this word a lot on this site, I’d like to define it in Soul Caper context:

Spirit is pure consciousness; eternal awareness shining its light through the murky mirror of the ego.
Spirit is our essence; that essence exists beyond the limitations of time and space.  As Spirit, we’re on Earth to explore the possibilities of physical consciousness.

The next evolutionary stage is Christ, or cosmic, consciousness as our normal waking state.  It is a higher vibrational realm of existence that emerges naturally through a process of choosing soul attitudes over ego attitudes in our daily lives.

The good news?

You don’t have to identify as “spiritual” to evolve spiritually.

Waking up is a psychological process that works equally for everyone who chooses it.

A WORD ABOUT RELIGION:   The flame at the heart of all religions is now igniting in us an intuitive connection with God.  We tend to blur the line between the existence of the Divine and the human practice of worshipping the Divine that we call religion.  My experience of both God and Jesus is that they exist, (still a shock to this non-religious human) but beyond the limited and limiting “religious” context we have created for them.

Spiritual evolution is at hand; it is triggering first-hand experiences of sacred truths in all who open to them.

The mediation of wisdom by “men of God” will soon fall away naturally as part of the historical order.  The old church was corrupted by its need for power and weakened by man-made rules that create guilt.  The new church is found within, whenever we focus on our beingness rather than our more superficial personality self.

*On this website I use the terms “Soul” and “Spirit” interchangeably.

What Is My Life Purpose?

Soul Caper guidance will lead you into your purpose according to your soul’s timetable.  There is an exquisite order behind the unfolding of our lives — a higher order that doesn’t support the ego’s need to know why or when things happen.

This can be frustrating at times, but look at it this way:

Once we know our life purpose, we are responsible for managing its power.

That can be intimidating if we’re not ready.  Spirit seems to prefer us to find our way by tracking down the clues revealed to us through every experience.  Following these clues puts us on the most efficient route to our purpose — IF we can keep our heart open, regardless of any pain we may feel.

In other words, the pain at the end of a relationship may not be as important as the seed it carries of our greatness — if we choose to nurture those seeds instead of keeping the pain alive by continuing to gnaw at them.

You might ask yourself:

“What if finding my life purpose means trusting that my evolving responses to tough situations are leading me there, according to my inner blueprint?”

Following intuitive guidance is an efficient, supportive tool for revealing and choosing the highest responses consistently.  A new response to an old situation is a foolproof indicator of progress along the road of living our purpose.

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