New: Adventures in the Emerging Consciousness on Facebook


Sometimes you can smell peanut butter a mile away, even in the suburbs.

There is a new, heart-centered consciousness emerging on this planet, though you’d never know it to listen to just about any news outlet these days.  It’s the great hidden story of the millennium.

Focusing on the insights of my wiser intuitive self and how I’m learning to apply them to everyday life is what I offer to you on my Soul Caper Facebook page.  This is consciousness technology; it is our final frontier.

It’s one thing to “keep up with” the latest in digital technology; quite another to be able to spontaneously make the optimal choices in your daily life. 

If we want to save this endangered planet, it is now necessary to put the inner first.  My role in this is to help you find ways to focus on that greater, inner reality; to make your path real.  Without that grounding, we are merely intelligent chimps chattering about how spiritual we are while our leaders make choices that lead to our extinction.

Well, all that to say that I’m no longer writing blog posts here, but on my Soul Caper Facebook page.  I am discovering and applying new facets of being a Universal Human almost daily now, it seems!  I hope you’ll join me and share your own experiences in the emerging consciousness.  I’m always here for you.




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