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Sometimes you can smell peanut butter a mile away, even in the suburbs.

Ever find a creative project morphing, over time, or maybe even suddenly, into a different form?  I am always     fascinated by the creative process; it knows its own way quite apart from the analyzing side of the brain.  In this case, I’m following the creative impulse that has been leading me away from this traditional blog format and into something new:  A few weeks ago I started adding insights from my own life experience to posts on Facebook, on my Soul Caper FB page.  These are posts from pages I “like”; everything from Eckhart Tolle to Heartmath to Byron Katie.

I began to realize that this suited me, for now, more than my website-based, long-form blog posting, and what’s more, I’ve found people actually reading what I have to say.  One of the reasons has to be that it is a much shorter form!  These days, who is willing to take ten minutes out of their day to actually read…anything?

Here’s an example:  I shared a post by Eckhart Tolle on my Soul Caper Facebook page that says:

“There is nothing that strengthens the ego more than being right.”

Above that I wrote:

Sharing this on Valentine’s Day?  Well, I admit it seems odd on the face of it.  But if you look a little deeper, you begin to see that happiness is what V-Day is all about.  And if there is one lesson I’ve learned absolutely in this lifetime, after way too long, it’s that my ego’s need to be right clashes with my heart’s desires.

Only when I started getting out of my own way by allowing myself to be vulnerable (read: “wrong”) did I begin to intuit that there just might be another way to walk through the day than putting the ego self’s petty, superficial values out front.  Recognizing that is a victory in anyone’s self-evolution.  Putting it into practice is, as always, the challenge.

Now go eat those chocolates.

So take a look at Soul Caper on Facebook, and feel free to comment!  We all need support these days in coping and just comforting ourselves.  Seeing things differently is still the most effective tool I’ve found for that particular job.  I’m happy to share the world according to Diane with you.  It’s rewarding for me, and maybe my “take” on things will lift your thoughts up above the playing field, where everything is possible.  If you’ve found your own way, I’d love to hear it.



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