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                                    “Your Ascended Self Speaks”

WHAT :  This reading offers deep insights and advice from your own emerging, full potential Self — the eternal YOU who exists in the form of light in the quantum field.  This Realized Self wants to guide you gently into your true identity as an ascended, whole being in physical form, expressing your purpose spontaneously just by being yourself, present in each moment.

You will never receive information that is blaming or shaming!  Since I began receiving higher guidance in 1992, the content and tone have always been supportive, even loving; from the quantum level we are seen not only as a struggling ego self but also as our essential, fully-realized Self.  See more on this in the purple paragraph farther down.

It matters not where you are, or feel like you are now.  So often we are closer than we think to a breakthrough; here is where following a suggestion from higher guidance can change everything.

Your Ascended Self speaks through me for the purpose of this reading, not through you, just to be clear!  However, once that connection through me is made, there is no reason that you should not be able to attune to the resonant field yourself, with practice and intention.  These readings are your initiation into the world of your whole, integrated Self.

They are no less than personal inner scripture for each human who is choosing to wake up now. The words are sacred to each of our souls; they are uniquely coded to evolve us.

I say words because your guidance is typed as I speak it, using voice-activated software.  I then send it to you via email  so that you can take your time letting it sink in.  It is so important to be able to access these sacred personal insights whenever you hit a rough spot in your life and need to be reminded of your greater Self.  I have about thirty legal pads, notebooks and journals chronicling my own evolution through quantum field guidance; I consider these to be the story of my developmental path as an awakening human being.

A half-hour follow up phone session is included, in which I will answer your questions and color in the nuances of your guidance.  I am clairaudient.  This means I often receive additional information as I listen to your voice.

There are two versions of Quantum Field readings:

  1.  You receive information and insights about your life, both general and specific, as deemed most important by your own Ascended Self.
  2.  Same as above, but you specify one area or one or two questions that you would like to focus on.

WHY:  If you haven’t done so yet, I highly recommend you go to my All About Guidance  page to learn why following higher guidance is the simplest way to allow your purpose to unfold.  It’s not necessary to suffer.  My ultimate goal is to help you make this connection to your Quantum Self on your own.  I will happily become obsolete!

WHAT IT’S NOT :   The “Your Ascended Self Speaks” reading is not a superficial or vague overview; it goes deep, right to the source of your concerns, no matter how complex they seem to you now.   For more on realistic expectations for guidance, go here.

EXAMPLES:  You will find four different excerpts from typical readings on the My Story page, starting at “How Following Guidance Changed Me.”   Length of each reading is based solely on what’s needed, as seen from the perspective of Spirit.  It uncovers the origins of your current concern and shows you how to manifest the lighthearted, creative life that already lies latent within.

Following our own inner guidance regularly connects us to a metamorphic power — the ability of humans to merge ego with essence, and beyond that, with our Ascended Self.  That Self is ourself-in-the-future, a whole, integrated being; our Realized or Christed Self.  This is our light body.  It is even now wanting to lift us up into our heart center and there unite with us, that we may experience ourselves as one with all beings — while still in a human body.  This is where we’re going; vibrational ascension is the next stage of our evolution as a species.  It is evolution by choice, not chance.  It is our shared purpose with all human beings; the process is already well on its way.  My understanding is that the quantum leap into that next stage will happen very soon.

RATES:   $60 for initial reading; $45 all subsequent requests*

HOW:    After purchasing the reading/phone session, you will be immediately redirected to a page with instructions to describe your situation.  You will normally receive “Your Ascended Self Speaks” reading via email within 48 hours of receipt of your payment.   Attached to that email will be a page on how to schedule the subsequent phone session.

If you have any questions about how this works, please drop me a line at  And please do check out the examples of the content of the readings on the “My Story” page.

I will post a notice at the top of this and the home page if I will be unavailable for more than two days.

PAYMENT :  Payment can be made through PayPal or by check, and must be paid in advance.  I know there are graphics of credit cards under “Pay Now,” but that is a design glitch; I don’t accept credit cards, only PayPal.


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If you are paying by check, please make it out to Diane Hausler and mail to:

Soul Caper
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CONFIDENTIALITY:  Rest assured that I keep all your personal information, including your requests and your guidance, strictly confidential.

*If your current situation is such that you cannot currently afford the full fee, please let me know by email.  We may be able to negotiate an alternative that works for both of us.

Example of Soul Caper Guidance
Kate’s* concern:

“I am getting older, and I still haven’t found the ‘right’ line of work.  How can I discover what I would love to do, what my calling is?”

Kate’s guidance:

“Kate is uncertain of what it is that she really needs in her life, because she remains uncertain as to who Kate really is.  She goes back and forth between Kate the more artistic, creative, literary person who is drawn to that side of life, and the more hard-nosed, practical, concrete Kate who just wants to get on with things and not dig too deeply.

This is an internal tug-of-war for her, and she will need to look at this more closely if she wants to follow her true heart’s desire. What is it that makes her soul sing? What is it that gets her up in the morning with a smile on her face? What is it that sets her toes tapping in a way that nothing else does? This is where she needs to look in order to find fulfillment, whether in work or in her personal life.

She is at the point in her life where she is searching for deeper meaning. She is her own worst enemy, however, in this area, as she will sabotage her more creative impulses when they arise, without allowing herself to examine them more thoroughly.

She will need to spend some time quietly observing her thoughts about what her heart desires, quite apart from any consideration of practicality or money. Only in this way will she be able to connect to the next step. Otherwise she will remain frustrated, unfulfilled, and cut off from the true Kate, the Kate who came here to explore all her possibilities.

She does not give herself credit for being the creative, inspired, and inspiring individual that she truly is. But she need only look at her personal history to see that this is so. Why does she remain in denial of this? This would be a fruitful area to explore. Kate is at a crossroads, in that she can either keep trying to make the old ways work, or allow herself to see things differently, and follow whatever path that leads her to.

Kate’s life is not orderly, and therefore she cannot expect to see clearly the answer to her question without simplifying her life. What is it that brings her the most joy to think about? Where is it that her mind most wants to light, especially in times of stress? Where does it feel safest? Try to set all notions of what “should” be, aside, and simply relax into Kate’s feeling self. If that requires that she spend some quiet time alone each day, she should do it.

Kate tends to be impatient with herself and she will need to watch out for that tendency, as it will cut her off at every turn from going deeper into discovery of her own greatness. She has so much more to offer than she has so far believed, and she has not had adequate support for most of her life in this. She would be well advised to cut ties with those who do not see her for her potential worth, and find those who are willing to support her as the creative, multi-faceted person that she is.

She can only go deeper by focusing on what attracts her, not that which she thinks she “should” be doing. That is a great fallacy for all, and it is no less true for Kate. She may need, in the interim, to find work at something less than appealing, but she should avoid that which brings up negative responses.

Let her try, in other words, to allow the mind and its agendas to take a backseat when it wants to dictate what she should be doing. Instead, go with the feeling that comes up, as that is where her true power lies.  It is never too late to embark upon this sort of exploration in your life.

Kate has much to offer, as she will discover when she takes this inner journey.”

*I changed this client’s name.