Sharing What I Know, Pt. 1


A field of grace amidst the chaos.

Although I have shared in this blog guidance I’ve received, even, dare I say it, wisdom I’ve attained, I’ve never devoted a whole post to this topic – until now.  My “thing” in this lifetime, part of my purpose, is to be a guide – not by being pedantic, deliver us from people who want to “show us the way” – but simply by being who I am.  My main teacher has been the guidance that I’ve channeled since 1992.

As any of you who tune into higher vibrational, non-physical teachings know, if you keep purifying your thoughts and are vigilant about applying your insights to your daily life, the guidance you receive grows more powerful over time. Because this has been my experience, and because a deeper understanding of how this life works is not something, it seems to me, to keep to oneself, I’ve finally overcome my fear of being perceived as one of the “I’m more spiritual than you are” people  (who I think we can all agree are truly loathsome), and just share what I know.

It doesn’t escape my notice, either, that this world is in a world of trouble, and can use all the help it can get. We made it that way and we can un-make it, too.  I agree with Eckhart Tolle, who says that our main responsibility to this world is to raise our own consciousness.

Guidance from our Universal Self is sacred; is indeed, the sacred Word.

When we write, meditate upon, and communicate this higher wisdom while in the quantum field, we evolve not only our own consciousness, but that of everyone who chooses to be open to receive it.

For that reason, may I suggest that before you read what follows, you practice the “light breath” that I’ve described in previous blog posts. It’s brief, but has the power to immediately lift your vibration into that field of all possibilities, your ground of being, a higher frequency where ego and essence are united.  Breathe light into your heart by taking three slow, deep breaths from the abdomen up through the diaphragm and into the heart; pause for a second, then exhale just as slowly and completely each time.

The breath is the bridge to higher realms of consciousness. 

Also, it’s a reliable stress-reliever!  I practice this at least three times a day; more, if I’m anxious or distracted.  Here are a few excerpts from guidance I received in 2016 that have universal application.  Let whatever speaks to you here do so, and leave the rest…


“Ask throughout the day, “What is it that I really WANT to do now?” rather than “What SHOULD I do next?”  This may take a little time to unearth; it is so ingrained it feels a part of you. Allow for anything off-beat, even crazy that comes to you today; see where it takes you.  So important to allow for a little space between your thoughts.”

“What if the most highly spiritual, highly evolved practice was to simply allow every being to be exactly as they are?  This is what comes to the fore as you move further into your metamorphosis: Allow allow allow. Instead, most humans now prefer to sit in judgment of others who see things their own way, but they call this judgment being “ethical” or “spiritual” or “evolved.”  Or “compassionate,” as in, “I’m more compassionate than you are because I’m a vegan.” 

“You still worry about DOING, but that is only because doing has been drummed into your head by a society that lacks an inner connection to its own BEING. An ego-based society that does not recognize any level of awareness beyond itself.”

“Take your thoughts higher today, and enjoy the results! Any time you begin to feel thrown off-center, breathe.  Any time you begin to tire – breathe.  Whenever you start to feel stressed or pulled out of a state of equanimity – breathe!  Reaching higher for a greater vantage point is always the way, because it always restores your greatness TO YOUR MENTAL AWARENESS.

“And that is how you are evolving and emerging – through consistent effort to lift your thoughts up into the quantum field where All is One and fear does not exist. Today, allow this process to take front seat for you and notice how your day goes. You are already practicing this – all you need do is bring a bit more vigilance to it!”

“You and Pat have come to feel love for each other, even though you’ve never met.  This is because, aside from lifting your thoughts (through the light breath) into the vibrational field where fear does not exist, you both bring to your phone talks pure intentions and open hearts.  Your meetings in that resonant field cannot help but ignite joy and intimacy.”

“Allow all political realities, all injustice, to simply BE.  They are being transformed by your rising vibration, not your anger or fear.  That is not to say do not feel what you feel, of course; simply do not STAY in the anger, the state of righteous indignation.  Do not allow these lower vibrational states to fuel you.”

“A great awakening occurs when we allow the inner to take precedence over the outer.  You are there, so allow yourself to be entrained with the inner rhythms today, Dear Heart.  Let this be a time of being, not doing; being simply ready for the journey itself to guide you rather than taking the reins yourself.”

Insight:  “The basis of becoming whole:  Allowing the intuitive mind to take the wheel, and trusting that it has.”

                                                             Trust and Allow.



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