Some Thoughts on Fear-Based Voting


Sometimes I remind myself that life has direction, if I stay open to it.

Recently I sat quietly and asked for intuitive guidance on how to know who to vote for, if at all. I have never been in the position before that I am in now, in terms of choosing a presidential candidate for my vote. My first choice, Bernie Sanders, was not nominated. So be it. Although I am not a Clinton fan, I suppose I assumed that when push came to shove, I would be prepared to vote for her.  As time wore on however, I found that I felt great inner resistance to doing so.  My second choice would be Jill Stein. How to cast my vote for someone who is so low in the polls? Everyone seems to be saying “A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Trump!”

So I asked, “What do I do when there is conflict between what my heart is drawn to and what the reasonable choice might be?” The answer I received was this:

“Only voting from the heart can be justified, Dear One. Go with your inner knowing. Look at and weigh your options, then go within. The “reasonable” sounding arguments being made to justify voting out of fear cannot BE reasonable.

It is NEVER wise, let alone reasonable, to be motivated by fear. Fear as an intention only attracts more fear as an outcome.”

That was earlier this week. Since then I have received numerous insights that have elaborated on this guidance. I share them with you here hoping that they may help you in your own process, if you are also experiencing conflict.

The statement “A vote for Stein (or Johnson) is a vote for Trump” is heard everywhere these days. But what does this mean? What I hear is that you are looking for someone to blame if Trump wins. In which case, why are you not blaming those who chose the Democratic nominee who nearly every poll, starting last spring, showed quite clearly could actually lose?

More to the point, why blame at all? Blaming is just a form of judgment that seems reasonable at the time but is actually a lower chakra response to uncertainty; it’s what the ego mind does when it feels out of control. SOMEBODY has to be held responsible when things go “wrong.” I know; I come from a family in which blame was the main form of communication.

The process of waking up is one of shedding old paradigm beliefs and attitudes through choosing to see everything differently, as we walk through our daily lives.

Blaming is one of those attitudes. Another is the belief that the end justifies the means.  Now there’s a stance based on the ego mind’s need to control outcomes if ever there was one.

The longer you walk your path to becoming your essential self, the more obvious one thing becomes: We can’t control outcomes, ever. Reality, at this point in our evolution as a species, does not yield to that sort of mental manipulation. So a good question to ask may be, “Given that we can’t control in any way the outcomes for this country no matter WHO wins, who do I actually WANT to win?”

Now we’re breaking through to the nitty-gritty!  But just at this point, dear reader, your own ego mind may have begun to scream, “This is not reasonable!”  That response is to be expected.

As a society, we chose the fear-based reason of the ego over the intuitive knowing of the heart long ago.

Our addiction to it, our alliance with it, no matter how unreasonable it so often is, is complete. Therefore, to choose to question the efficacy of reason, is to take us out of our comfort zone.

Interestingly, that is exactly the zone in which the real evolution in society as well as in our own soul, happens.

All too often, we use the term “reason” to justify the less than optimal choices of our needy and fearful smaller self, our ego self.  This is very easy to observe on a daily basis; all you have to do is pay attention to your interactions with others and theirs with you, in terms of how frequently we justify our actions to ourselves and others, in the name of being reasonable. It’s just where our consciousness is right now on the planet.

We say we want to be free of inner conflict, yet we do nothing to free ourselves from the death grip of the old paradigm we call Reason.

The only way to elevate ourselves above that crumbling playing field is to lift our thoughts higher, onto a different field – the quantum field.

Only there can the objective truth we need be found. I’m discovering that life is all about aligning with the highest truth, again and again, in every situation.

By voting from fear, we lose our connection not only to Truth, but to our greatest power –  the power of love.  Love and truth go hand-in-hand; both are waiting in the wings, wanting to support us in every choice we make. When we act from fear, we betray our own true nature by aligning with our creature self over our higher potential self.  When a whole nation chooses to act from fear, what is the outcome?

Well, as John Lennon sang, “The deeper you go, the higher you fly.” How high do we intend this country, this world, to fly?

The quality of the energy that goes into our every decision will be encoded in the outcome.

Another way of saying this is that like attracts like, or the Universal Law of Attraction. Or even, fear in, fear out.

We ARE our energy. What is the quality of energy we choose to broadcast? A high, fine, pure vibrational frequency that attracts situations and people who are aligned with its light-hearted clarity? That would be my choice!

We can’t know how things will turn out, that much is clear. All we can do for this planet, as Eckhart Tolle has said, is to raise our own consciousness, and act from there.  So that’s what I focus on daily, and it will inform my vote this November.  I know that, with enough of us breathing light into our hearts and quieting our minds regularly, we will lift ourselves to a height from which we can see that all is well, no matter how painful things may be temporarily.

Our lives do have direction, and we can live in the flow of that direction, if only we will do a bit more allowing, a little less forcing.  This includes always thinking we know what’s best.

I have made the choice to drop my judgments about who others are voting for. This isn’t easy!  But it’s a start.

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