The Big Picture


The Big Picture

That there is more to you than you can imagine. You are a highly intuitive, endlessly creative being. Act as if this were so and you’ll activate that reality.

The human race has now explored reality as far as we can through the distorted lens of the ego. Whole nations are stuck in the mud, exchanging blows over who’s right and what’s more important — the power of money or the power of people.

The Age of Reason has steered us down a dead-end path in its haste to “rescue” us from our visionary powers. That path has led to a collective denial of our innate wisdom, no matter how urgently it whispers to us in quiet moments. Why?

Because we’re afraid of the consequences of trusting our intuitive voice.

No global leader seems to recognize the crumbling of our institutions, the loss of our moral compass and our ethical codes for what they are: A consciousness problem.

On the personal level we have agreed, albeit unconsciously, that unbridled creative expression is to be feared.  In our childhood, adults model for us what it looks like to lock down our spontaneous impulses. By adulthood we’ve successfully repressed this intuitive response to life, and the price is awful:

We have lost touch with our sense of the magical.

Our inner self feels a loss of something — we just don’t know what or how or where.  In truth, we’ve unplugged ourselves from our creative source.  That can change.


 If I were to have a mission statement for my work, it would be this:  To provide a simple, efficient way for people to ease out of suffering and into the light of their own greatness.  That is the way of spiritual guidance.  (I use the terms “spiritual,” “intuitive,” “higher” and “inner” interchangeably to describe guidance from the part of us that transcends the limitations of the ego mind)

We can Re-awaken the sense of joy  and wonder we’ve left behind,  no matter how far we seem  to have strayed.  Nothing essential is ever lost.

We can re-awaken the sense of joy and wonder we’ve left behind, no matter how far we seem to have strayed. Nothing essential is ever lost.

Following guidance activates the real you — someone who functions on a much higher level than you can now imagine.  I play the supporting role of spiritual guide for anyone  who wants to connect to their spirit’s knowledge of what’s true and what’s false, and stay grounded no matter how hard the winds of chaos may blow.

Solving the mystery of our soul identity is a matter of following the clues that guidance delivers to our doorstep.

That’s what a Soul Caper is all about. There is a fundamental, planetary shift into higher consciousness nearing lift-off. But, Houston, we have a problem: Our massively pathetic fear of change. More accurately, the ego’s massively pathetic fear of change.


We can’t talk about fear of change without talking identity confusion. We don’t yet know who we are. When we say “I” most of us are pointing to our personality, as if that’s our identity. In fact, we have mis-identified with that most superficial aspect of who we are – in particular, the ego component of personality.

Ego is unaware of Spirit, so until we start to wake up we don’t question whether there might be more to us, beyond the personality.

How can we align with our spirit  if we’re still looking to the ego  to solve our daily problems?  Trust that you are guided.

How can we align with our spirit if we’re still looking to the ego to solve our daily problems? Trust that you are guided.

Our essence is Spirit, but we are saddled with a false self that likes to call the shots.

At the crossroads of our personal and global anxieties sits this identity crisis, the elephant we’ve agreed by unconscious consensus to ignore. So the ego keeps driving our car. Ego’s sidekick, reason, sits in the passenger seat blurting logical-sounding justifications for one wrong turn after another. Together, ego and reason kidnapped spirit — the only driver with a built-in GPS — and locked it in the trunk. Why?

Letting go of the wheel can feel very scary.

Since ego is not familiar with the more subtle power of our spirit, it fears we will crash.

Turning the wheel over to the intuitive logic of Spirit means letting go of the illusion of control in which we have so heavily invested.

The driver’s manual didn’t mention three major design flaws of conventional logic:

  • It moves too slowly, stopping to analyze each step.
  • We contaminate it with toxic emotions and biases that permeate even the most “reasonable” statement.
  • Relying on logic alone leaves out too much important data — data accessible only through the holistic right brain.

We say that success is based on our ability to “figure things out,” but each life chapter begins with the opening of our heart, not the cleverness of our brain.

As part scientist, part mystic, Albert Einstein cartwheeled between two worlds. He said that intuition is the “gift” meant to be in charge of our lives, while the logical mind is meant to be the “servant.” Now would be such a perfect time to make an Einsteinian leap and partner with that neglected inner “gift,” our intuitive self.


You don’t have to be aware of your guides in order to follow the way of intuitive guidance, as you’ll see on the “All About Guidance” page.  We may feel that we are simply acting on our creative impulses.  That would be correct, but it’s also true that

We each have our personal guides, some of whom are with us for a short time, others for a lifetime. 

image004My Grandma Hausler guided me lovingly for five years, starting three years after her death. The teachings were about forgiveness, and then she moved on. Shortly after that it was revealed to me that I had lifetime guides, and that I could call upon them in order to find my own way, but also to provide guidance for others.

My guides weighed in while I was creating “Soul Caper,” so much so that I would call it a joint venture. At one point, while asking for advice, I received the following guidance, and was asked to present it for your benefit. So here goes:

“We are here to free you from your ego prison, dear humans. You are innocent beings of light who have lived in the shadow of your own greatness for too long.

That greatness is available to you on the flip side of every thought that goes unexamined. Indeed, it is only your habitual thoughts and attitudes that maintain the historical primacy of unconscious fear and doubt.

“Life on Earth is meant to be simple and fulfilling. You are meant to walk in grace and beauty, and you have a rendezvous with that reality sooner than you think. Trusting the quiet voice within over any ‘shoulds’ is your best preparation for the shift to a higher octave of awareness that is coming.”

Thanks, guys. You’ve given everyone a lot to ponder.


In the midst of all the stress and uncertainty of daily existence, I invite you to stop, take a deep breath, and allow for the possibility of a higher perspective:


We are each formidable, timeless Spirit Beings who have chosen to blend with physical matter to take part in an unprecedented, world-wide awakening; the ultimate Soul Caper.

Each time we follow higher guidance we download a loving quantum of light. The nature of this light is to expand, lifting us to the level of divine wisdom. From here we see every “problem” as benign opportunity.  We see that all that was lacking was deeper understanding and compassion. 

The outer experience of abundance begins with the inner act of accepting and forgiving  ourselves no matter what  mistakes we make. Otherwise the heart contracts  and we experience lack.

image005Enough of us expanding our light
will trigger a planetary shift out
of suffering into grace.

Even now, our true magnificence sleeps, coded for our signal to spread its wings of golden fire.

The signal so long awaited? Trust. Trust that, no matter how shaky outer circumstances get, our true north will always point to the more powerful inner authority of Spirit.

image006I will guide you to a portal, on the other side of which your wings of light flutter, eager to explore with you all your possibilities.

As the fabulous star of your own soul caper, dear Earthlings, you’ll sweep across the stage to that portal, don your wings, and take flight.

It’s the role you were born to play.

Diane Hausler | Video Intro