The Limitations of Reason


Beauty Opens Doors Closed To Reason

When I look at how drastically my life has changed for the better since the age of 40, I see that it all comes down to one choice, the foundation on which everything rests: Placing the wisdom and accuracy of my intuitive knowing over the superficial, limited understanding of reason. This runs counter to what we are conditioned to believe from early childhood on, of course, so what I have to say is considered controversial to many, science fiction to others.  Please know that this is not a theoretical piece; I write from my own experience; this includes the direct knowing of higher vibrational attunement, or spiritual guidance.

I had intended to keep this succinct, but it’s too big a topic. If you’re pressed for time, I’ve highlighted some of the more central ideas.  The emphasis here is on reason; intuition gets short shrift.  For more on the power of intuition, check out other blog posts of mine as well as “The Big Picture” page of Soul Caper.

I have discovered that reason’s elevated status in our decision-making process is not only a hindrance to finding happiness, it is actually the cause of most of our suffering.  Deconstructing reason and re-evaluating its place in our everyday lives is crucial if we want the human race to thrive, let alone exist beyond the next few decades.

We say we want to grow, we want change, we want to evolve spiritually, but unless we are willing to begin to let go of the limitations we have placed on our consciousness, that sort of transformation remains in the realm of hypothesis. 

The cornerstone of all personal growth, all spiritual awakening, is this:  The willingness to see things differently. Boom!  That’s it.  To see everything we experience from a bunch of different angles or points of view, including those that may defy reason.  Defy Reason!  It’s almost like defying gravity!  How can there be a reality other than Reason?  That would mean placing our actual moment to moment experience over any preconceived notions of how reality should work.  What a concept.  (First hint about the limits of Reason:  It’s all about should’s.)

Reason has for too long been the only yardstick by which we measure the validity and value of any particular point of view. 

We don’t measure according to possibility, or creative imagination, not vision, not even compassion or empathy.  If we were using any of these other yardsticks, surely the Democrats would have nominated Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton.  Just such a perfect example, hope you see that, whatever your preferences.

The more closely I have examined how reason actually operates, by noticing how it plays out in real time in my life, the clearer its true nature has become.   It is UNreliable, slow, and too riddled with the superficial values of the ego to be useful beyond certain basic mental computations.  I use it sparingly, and my life has blossomed in direct proportion to the extent that I have.

But how, you may ask, can you characterize reason as unreliable?   Easy:

Reason is rooted in the ego, therefore it is a house built on shifting sands. 

And the ego is based in fear and separation, unlike intuitive knowing, which is based in our true nature as Spirit, in which love rules, and All Is One can be perceived as the highest objective truth.

My definition of reason as we most often experience it is this: “An ever-shifting set of  moral and/or ethical justifications for meeting the insatiable, immature, and normally unconscious needs of the ego self; said justifications masquerading as common sense through the clever manipulation of language.”  It is also true that reason can be used reasonably by an aware ego self, but by the time a person has evolved their ego to that level, reason is no longer necessary to operate successfully in the world.

To paraphrase Einstein, intuition is the gift, and reason is the servant; we got it backwards.

Our faith is in our Western science, and that science worships at the altar of our analytical, rational mind. Thus, our faith is in reason. We get up every morning with complete faith that everything we need to know can be accessed through the logic of the thinking mind and through our physical senses. Since we identify completely with that thinking mind, and by its very nature that ego-centered mind cannot know anything outside itself because it sees itself as separate from all else,

we live with the belief that the reasoning mind is all there is.

Any mode of knowing that falls outside this reality is suspect, and will be subjected to the analytical probings of logic and reason. In this way we repeatedly reject the deep and accurate insights, the wisdom of our only true GPS: Our intuitive knowing.

No matter how often and how many of us have transcendent experiences, they will always be labeled “anomalies”  by a society that does not make a space for a more comprehensive reality.

I find it impossible to even speak of such things with most people I know, because of their overwhelming faith in the God of Reason.  For most, it’s just something you don’t question.  Those of us, and our numbers are growing, who have developed more faith in the inner than the outer reality, find ourselves seeking each other out. We are fellow travelers, even pioneers of a new consciousness that is slowly emerging.

To those who place their faith in reason, this is still The Information Age.  Those who place their evolutionary purpose first know it to be The Age of Quantum Awakening.

You might feel like trying your hand at a little game that came to me spontaneously a couple of years ago: Whenever you hear a public figure on TV, online, wherever, banging on and on about being “reasonable,” especially when they make noises about bringing more “reason” to the table, just substitute the word “compassion” or the word “empathy” and see if that isn’t what’s really needed. If it isn’t more emotionally, even, dare I say it, spiritually satisfying.

We all do this every day – shape the argument to fit the desired outcome, but we call it “reasoning”  or “figuring it out.”

I was always really good at logical thinking, proud of my ability to figure things out and debate and prove that my way was right.  I know now that I developed this technique to defend myself from a controlling father whose favorite retort was “You’re being uncooperative!”  All too often when we ask someone to “be reasonable” that’s what we really mean, isn’t it?  For them to see, even to adopt, our point of view.

It’s what the ego self does to get its needs met.  If they won’t see our point of view, we may think of them as unreasonable.  Now, in the times, usually when I’m anxious, that I revert to trying to “figure it out” rather than allowing the answer to come or allow the problem to resolve itself by aligning with the highest truth, whatever that may be, pretty quickly I feel my head start to spin…

I literally can’t pursue that old mode of aggressively going after an answer. 

I then remember to do some deep breathing, let go, and allow a higher response to come to me.  Ah, that’s better; space for higher thoughts to come in.

We aren’t aware that this is what we do; it’s unconscious. The outcome we desire is almost always something the ego needs to feel safe. We may frame it as what we need to be “happy” but the deeper truth is that it’s always about the comfort level of the ego. This is a major reason why so many of us stay in jobs or relationships whose expiration date is long past.

What we tell ourselves about why we do what we do, and what our true motivation is, often have little in common.

As long as we remain addicted to reason we will remain estranged from our true motivations and that will prevent us from evolving. 

Bringing more awareness to our mental processes, either at the time or afterwards, is a good first step in transcending their limitations.  Asking ourselves, without judgment, “Why did I keep pursuing that outcome so doggedly?” or similar questions is a very powerful transformative tool, when done with emotional honesty.

Reason and its cohort logic epitomize the kind of power-over-nature type of society that brought this world into what we think of as modern times. But our times are changing again and the ground is shifting beneath our feet, can’t you feel it?

We need a new, holistic consciousness in order to navigate the complexities that now exist globally.

The power of intuition, (and it is a true power, not some flighty emotional quality), like beauty and music, opens doors closed to reason.  As we enter the Quantum Age we require a new, multi-dimensional approach to the quality of our thoughts.  As Rumi, the 13th century Persion poet saw, utilizing his intuitive knowing:

“Out beyond all ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing
There is a field.

I’ll meet you there…”

That field is the quantum field, where we can experience the ego self’s unity with our essence, with that of others, with the universe.  All is experienced as one; the ego’s illusions of fear drop away.  We can access this field now, at will! I do it numerous times every day.  Yet few even try due to their faith in reason to the exclusion of all other ways of knowing.

Meditation, prayer, breathing techniques, yoga, Qi Gong, mind-opening drugs, consciously purifying our thoughts and intentions; all these and more are doorways into the greater reality we are still largely unaware of, but whose intelligence guides us in every moment.

Lifting our thinking out of an old paradigm of solving problems can be so freeing.  As the British say, “It makes for a nice change.”  Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Ken Carey; it gets closer to my own experience:

Those who live intuitively are guided through the dimensional worlds by a rhythmic undercurrent of inspiration.”

I have to say that after writing all these words, I’ve realized that words alone won’t convince anyone that reason isn’t up to the job of fulfilling our creative potential, much less finding peace of mind.  We each have to launch our own expedition into uncharted territory, and have a little trust that we are loved and guided by something greater than our self-referential knowing.  We each have a higher purpose; we need only open to that possibility every day!

I’ll end with a chart of sorts, one that may make all this a bit clearer.  Our choices are clearly defined, aren’t they?

Fading Paradigm                                                     Emerging Paradigm

Status quo                                                                           Change

Making it happen (Forcing)                                            Allowing

Cynicism                                                                            Trust

Figuring it out                                                                    Opening to receive

Fearful                                                                              Loving

Being stuck                                                                          Being in the flow

Linear                                                                               Holistic

Fighting against                                                                   Acceptance

Up in our head                                                                      Centered in the heart

Analysis                                                                             Synthesis

Anxiety                                                                              Peace of mind

Ego                                                                                  Spirit

Illusion of separateness                                                     Reality of Oneness

Reason                                                                               Intuition

De-evolution                                                                         Ascension




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